Karolyn Dorsee

Dorsee Productions has been actively involved and dedicated to fundraising for the Republican Party and its candidates in California and the Nation since the late 1970s. 


Her company has been integral in countless Republican campaigns.


She continues to promote democracy and good government today, by assisting quality candidates.


Karolyn is Membership and Events Director of the New Majority San Diego. She is also Development Director for Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial.


Grow Elect has a very simple mission: Recruit, train, and help Republican Latinos run for offices, like city councils and school boards. These elected officials can then demonstrate to voters the strength of good government Republican policies, help other Republican Latinos get elected, and rebuild the Republican brand in the Latino Community.


Debbie Dorsee, Jack Dorsee, Karolyn Dorsee,
Governor Pete & Gayle Wilson


Campaigns & Associations

  • Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial

  • Trump / Pence Victory

  • Darrell Issa for Congress

  • New Majority San Diego

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

  • Republican Party of San Diego

  • John Cox for Governor

  • Noli Zosa for City Council

  • US Senator Mitt Romney

  • GROW Elect

  • Phil Graham for Assembly 2018

  • Donald Trump/Pence for President 2016

  • Marco Rubio for President 2016

  • Scott Walker for President 2016

  • Jeb Bush for President 2016

  • Mitt Romney/Ryan for President

  • Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

  • Pete Wilson for Mayor, Senate, Governor & President

  • Team California

  • Horton Walk, San Diego's Walk of Fame

  • Republican National Convention San Diego 1996

  • John McCain/Palin for President

  • George W. Bush/Cheney for President

  • Bob Dole/Kemp for President

  • George H.W. Bush/Quayle for President

  • Ronald Reagan/Bush for President

  • Gerald Ford/Dole for President

  • Scott Walker for Governor of Wisconsin

  • Meg Whitman for Governor

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor

  • Linda Lingle for Governor

  • Bill Simon for Governor

  • Richard Riordan for Governor

  • Rudy Giuliani for US Senate

  • Marco Rubio for US Senate

  • Linda Lingle for US Senate

  • Ed Zschau for US Senate

  • National Republican Congressional Committee

  • Speaker Newt Gingrich

  • Speaker John Boehner

  • Congressman Darrell Issa

  • Congressman Brian Bilbray

  • Congressman Mike Conaway

  • Congressman Bill Lowery

  • Senator Mark Wyland

  • Charlene Zettel for State Senate

  • Republican Party of San Diego

  • The Lincoln Club

  • Mayor Kevin Faulconer 2014 Inaugural

  • Sheriff Bill Gore

  • Prop C "More than a Ballpark"

  • Sheriff Bill Kolender

  • Supervisor Bill Horn 

  • Supervisor Greg Cox

  • Supervisor Ron Roberts

  • Steve Danon for Supervisor